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Special Equipment


Hurst Tool

Usually used to cut through steel of vehicles involved in accidents, this tool can exert pressure up to 25,000 pounds, making it especially useful in freeing trapped passengers. Other attachments allow firefighters to spread or pull heavy objects, allowing them to gain access to needed areas.

Rescue Air Bags


These steel-reinforced rubber bags can lift and move objects as heavy as 74 tons when inflated. Because they're less than one-inch thick before inflation, these "super balloons" are ideal for lifting collapsed brick walls, floors, beams, fallen trees, cars, trucks, and trains.

Rescue Struts

Rescue struts are a  stabilizating system use in extrication. They are lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilization tool designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication.

Thermal Imaging Carmera

About the same size and shape as a megaphone, these infrared cameras are used to detect fires hidden behind walls, above ceilings, and beneath floors. Because of its ability to sense surrounding objects of different temperature levels, thermal imaging cameras can spot the silhouettes of victims and firefighters through the smoke and darkness.


Rope Rescue is defined as any rescue effort that requires rope and related equipment to safely gain access to, and remove patients from, hazardous geographic areas with limited access such as mountains, high rise buildings, above or below grade structures, by means of rope system.

Firefighting Foam

Not all fires can be put out with water alone. Fuel (gas) fires for an example have to be fought with foam because fuel (gas) floats on water. If we use water alone to fight a fuel (gas) fires, the fuel would float on ther water and spread. So we use firefighting foam for special fire suppression like fuel fires. Its role is to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion.

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