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November 2011

11/26/11  Engine 10 filled in at the Barnard Fire Department while they worked a house fire at 104 Lida Lane in the Town of Greece. For a news story from "YNN" about that fire, click here. For audio, click here.





11/26/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Quint 6, Engine 5(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Battalion 2, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 54 Thorn St for several calls reporting a house fire and the possibility of someone trapped. Engine 10 and Truck 2 were on location with a working fire in a vacant 1 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. Command reported heavy fire on the first floor and requested another engine company to the scene. Engine 13 responded, assuming R.I.C. and safety duties from Engine 5. No one was trapped, and Engine 8 filled in at Dewey and Ridgeway. The fire was under control in 23 minutes. For a news story with video from "YNN," click here. For photos and audio, click here.





11/21/11  With the holidays upon us, there will be a lot of cooking going on. Please remember to cook safely, not only now, but year round. One very popular way to prepare a holiday meal, is deep frying a turkey. Done improperly, this can be very dangerous. The National Fire Protection Association says deep fryer fires cause an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, and more than $15 million in property damage each year. Here are some safety tips to remember....

  1. Make sure to always use your deep fryer outdoors and away from any flammable objects. Keep a safe distance from buildings, garages, and porches that can ignite quickly. The extremely hot oil may splatter and burn objects around it.
  2. Always wear long heat resistant gloves, long sleeved shirt or apron, and safety goggles when possible. Once the oil reaches the desired temperature, carefully lower your Turkey into the oil while wearing complete protection.
  3. Most importantly, never drop a frozen turkey into hot oil, and make sure you completely dry the turkey, inside and out, before you lower it into the hot oil. It is vital you make sure both the outside and the cavity are free from any sort of moisture. A leading cause of kitchen fires is water being added to hot or boiling oil. Water, being heavier than oil, sinks to the bottom and immediately boils into steam. The steam quickly expands and forces its way up to the top, acting like a volcano and splattering burning oil everywhere. In the event splattered oil catches fire, and possibly spreads to objects around it, make sure you do NOT spray water on it, as it will only encourage the flames.
  4. To avoid oil spillover, do not overfill the fryer. To test how much oil is needed, place your turkey in the empty frying pan, and fill it with water to completely cover the bird. Remove the turkey and mark the water line. This will be the level of oil you want to use. Make sure you allow at least six inches for expansion and splatter. Completely dry the fryer before adding oil.
  5. Make sure you have an all purpose fire extinguisher on hand. In the event of a fire, never use water to try to put it out, and call 9-1-1 immediately.
  6. Be sure to keep children & pets away from the fryer.
  7. For more info and a video, click here.

Everyone at Dewey and Ridgeway would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.





11/20/11  Engine 19, Engine 10, Truck 2, Quint 6(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Car 99 and Battalion 1 responded to 33 Braddock St for the report of the back porch on fire. Engine 19 was on location with nothing showing, then further reported a small fire on the back porch and could handle with Truck 2 and Battalion 1. Engine 10 continued in to fill in at Engine 19's quarters, and the fire was under control in 5 minutes.





11/15/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Rescue 11 and Battalion 1 responded to Route 104 eastbound at the Veteran's Memorial Bridge for a report of a vehicle rollover with people trapped. Engine 10 was on location with a vehicle rolled over in the eastbound lanes at the west end of the bridge. Engine 10 further reported no one trapped and they could handle with Truck 2. A total of 3 patients were treated and transported to the hospital. The New York State Police closed off 104 eastbound at Lake Ave until the scene was cleared. For a news story, with photo from the "Democrat and Chronicle," click here.





11/09/11  Quint 6, Engine 16, Engine 17, Truck 2(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Battalion 1, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded for a reported house fire at 11 Burbank St. Quint 6 was on location with a fire on the front porch and declared a working fire. The fire was under control in 14 minutes. For a news story from "YNN," click here.





11/07/11  Engine 10, Quint 6 and Midi 6, Rescue 11, Battalion 1 and Car 99 responded to Route 104 east bound at Seneca Ave for a MVA with a vehicle over turned and possibly someone trapped. Quint 6 was on location reporting a vehicle roll over on Route 104 east bound at North Clinton Ave. Rescue 11 further reported that no one was trapped, but companies would remain on scene for EMS and traffic control. For photos, click here.








11/06/11  The members of Dewey and Ridgeway would like to congratulate Captain John Schreiber and Lieutenant Willie Jackson. At last night's annual Rochester Firefighters Benevolent Association "Firefighter’s Ball," they were recognized with the prestigious "RFBA Award." This award reflects their leadership, hard work and selflessness, in helping bring a group of Firefighters from the Dominican Republic city of Puerto Plata, to Rochester in order to help train them in "Firefighter 1." These two individuals embody the true spirit of generosity.




11/03/11  Engine 5, Engine 3, Truck 5, Truck 2(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Battalion 2, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 63 Polaris St for a reported kitchen fire. Engine 5 was on location with flames from the rear of a 2 1/2 story dwelling and declared a working fire. Engine 10 was also requested to scene to assist, and the fire was under control in 16 minutes. For audio, click here.





11/02/11  Yes, it's that time of year again. We'll be changing the clocks back 1 hour at 2AM this Sunday morning (11/06/11). As always, this is the perfect time to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. For more fire safety info, click here. For info on the RFD's smoke & carbon monoxide detector program, click here.





11/01/11  Engine 10 responded to fill in at the Ridge Road Fire District, while they worked a fire on Hammond St in The Town of Greece. Engine 3 filled in at Dewey and Ridgeway.

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