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Personal Protective Equipment

 Firefighter's Boots 
Made of rubber or leather, these boots have steel toes and insoles to protect firefighters' feet from heavy falling objects and shards of metal and glass. Leather boots are lighter, but rubber boots are more water-resistant.

 Firefighter's Bunker Pants
The pants have wide legs and suspenders to help them stay up. When they are not fighting fires, firefighters usually leave their bunker pants scrunched down on the ground over their boots so they can pull both up in a hurry.

 Firefighter's Bunker Coat 
The firefighter's bunker coat helps protect them from flames but does not allow them to walk through or stand in fire. They have reflective stripes so firefighters can see each other in the heavy smoke, and so cars can see them at night.

Firefighter's Gloves
Firefighters wear very thick, leather gloves to protect their hands from burns, cuts and scratches.

Firefighters Flash Hood
This hood is fire-resistant and worn over the firefighter's head underneath the helmet. The hood helps protect a firefighter's head, neck and ears from getting burned. 

The Firefighter's Helmet
Firefighters wear helmets made of hard plastic to protect their heads from fire and falling objects. The helmet has a chin strap to keep it in place. A visor in front protects the firefighter's eyes, and earflaps protect the ears. 

The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Mask
The face mask protects the firefighter's face from the fire, steam, and flying embers. It is connected by a hose to an air-supply tank. This supplies fresh air to the firefighter to allow breathing in a toxic atmosphere.

The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (including air tank)
The air-supply system is made up of a tank of fresh air, a harness, and pressure gauges and regulators. Firefighters carry air tanks in a harness on their backs. The regulator controls the flow of air.

  2-way portable radios  
Firefighters use their 2-way portable radios to communicate with each other during a fire. Fire Chiefs used them to pass down orders on how to fight the fire. Firefighters tell each other about collapsing roofs or floors, where the fire is, and if any people are trapped, where they are located.


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