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Truck Company

Rochester's truck companies operate with "Quints." Quints can trace their roots to the Truck Companies of the old days. The Quint integrates state-of-the-art firefighting equipment with extensive personnel training, creative resource deployment, and fiscal management. A Quint is a state-of-the-art firefighting vehicle that has the ability to perform 5 functions: Deploy a 75 to 110 Foot Aerial Ladder, Pump water, Carry hoses, carry a 300 gallon booster tank, and a full compliment of ground ladders.


The aerial ladder can extend to 110 feet.  About as high as the liberty pole downtown.
A turntable on top of the truck can rotate the ladder around 360 degrees so that the tip of the ladder can be placed in the right spot near the burning building.
Because the Aerial ladder is so heavy, it needs outriggers to brace the truck off the ground so it is stable and does not tip over.
Ground Ladders
Quints carry a full compliment of ground ladders. The job dictates which ladder to use. There are ladders ranging from 8 feet high, to the 35 foot extension ladder.  
Fire Hose
Quints, like Fire engines carry different sizes of hose for different types of fires. The hoses are flat when they aren't filled with water, and are folded and stacked on top of each other inside the hose bed.
Pump Panel
The pump panel controls the pressure of water coming out of the fire engine and going into the hoses. If there is too much pressure, the hoses can become uncontrollable. If there is too little pressure, there won't be enough water to put out the fire.
Storage Compartments

The storage compartments make it easy for the firefighters to keep their tools organized for easy access when they reach the fire scene.

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