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Engine Team Members

The team members of the Engine Company are charged with one primary job: douse the fire with water as quickly as possible. Either from outside the building, inside with the flames, or from high atop a truck-mounted "bucket", their hoses blast powerful jets of water right into the heart of the fire.


 Engine Officer Or Boss
The main responsibilities of the Officer at the fire scene are to keep track of his / her company and lead them into the fire. The Officer has to make sure that the new firefighters, "Probies", are teamed up with more experienced firefighters.


  Engine Operator or Driver
The Engine Operator is in charge of driving the fire engine and controlling the water pump. All of the other firefighters are counting on the engine driver to deliver water they need to put out the fire.


 Tip Position
 At the scene of a fire, the first job of the firefighter in the Tip position is to ensure the nozzle is hooked up to the first length of hose. When the team is in place, the Nozzle position advances the hose into the burning building.

Hydrant Position  
  The firefighter in the Hydrant position works with the Operator to hook the hoses up to the hydrant and Engine. The hydrant position is also responsible for eliminating knots and kinks in the hose as well as backing up the hose team.

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