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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should fire extinguishers be placed in the home?

Having a fire extinguisher in the home is a good idea, but it is not mandated by the Rochester Fire Department. If you have an extinguisher, it should be placed where it is easily accessible. The kitchen and garage are good sites for an extinguisher. However, do not place an extinguisher over the stove or buried in storage in the garage. Instead, hang it on the wall between 4 inches and five feet from the ground.


What about  maintenance and inspection of my home portable extinguisher?
Portable fire extinguishers are not required to be serviced if maintained in a private home.

Exception: Dwellings where licensed health care is provided

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced?

There are no regulations mandating the servicing of fire extinguishers placed in single family residences. In apartments and all commercial buildings, fire extinguishers are required to be serviced once a year.


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