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Febuary 2011



02/26/11  Truck 2, Engine 10, Engine 3, Battalion 1 and Car 99 responded mutual aid to the Ridge Road Fire District for a two alarm fire with a person possibly trapped at 156 Rye Rd in Greece. The fire was under control in approximately one hour. For more info and audio, click here. 




02/26/11  Engine 10 responded to fill in at the Saint Paul Fire Department, while they responded to a working fire on Armstrong Av in Irondequoit. For info & audio for this fire, click here. 




02/25/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Engine 16, Engine 1(R.I.C.), Battalion 3, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to the area of 361 Lyell Av for a reported structure fire. At the same time, Engine 3, Truck 10, Quint 6, Truck 5(R.I.C.), Rescue 11 and Battalion 2 were responding for a possible structure fire in the area of Whitney St. The 2 calls ended up being for the old AC/Delco complex at 415 Orchard St. Rescue 11 was on location with smoke & flames from a 7 story brick building and requested a second alarm. The 2 assignments were combined, along with Engine 5, to fill in the second alarm request and Car 99 also responded. An exterior attack was ordered due to the condition of the building. Command requested a third alarm, bringing Engine 7, Engine 17 and Truck 4. Engine 12 and Engine 13 were also requested to the scene to assist. The fire was under control in 3 hours and 24 minutes. During the incident, only 4 city fire companies were left in service covering other calls(Engine 8, Engine 19, Truck 3 and Quint 7/Midi 7), bringing several Monroe County Fire Bureau companies into the city firehouses to fill in. These included Brighton, Gates, Ridge Road and Barnard fire departments. For a news story with video from WOKR, click here and for a story with video from YNN, click here. For photos and audio from Monroe County Fire Wire, click here





02/22/11  Engine 19, Engine 10, Truck 2, Quint 6 and Midi 6(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Car 99, Battalion 1, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 91 Frey St for a reported bedroom fire. While en route, Battalion 1 requested an extra engine company to the scene, bringing Engine 3. Engine 19 was on location with flames from a second story window. Engine 10 assumed command until Battalion 1's arrival. Engine 16 filled in at Engine 19's quarters, while Engine 13 and Truck 10 filled in at Dewey and Ridgeway. The fire was under control in 16 minutes.





02/22/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Rescue 11, Car 99 and Battalion 1 responded to the area of 350 Maplewood Dr, near Hanford Landing, for the report of a MVA with a person trapped. Police on scene further reported a vehicle over the embankment and into a tree, with the tree down on the car. Battalion 1 requested Quint 6 to assist as an extra rope rescue company. Engine 10 and Truck 2 were on location confirming a vehicle over the side, no one trapped, but a rope rescue would be necessary to bring the patient up out of the gorge. The rescue took 26 minutes from time of dispatch. For audio click here, and for a news story from YNN, click here.




02/20/11  Engine 10 and Truck 2 responded for a reported MVA with serious injuries on Lake Av at Lexington Av. As Engine 10 was arriving, the assignment was upgraded for a person trapped. Rescue 11, Car 99 and Battalion 2 responded. Engine 10 confirmed 1 person trapped and extrication was accomplished 5 minutes after arrival.  




02/19/11  Engine 10 responded to 411 Magee Av for a reported car fire. They were on location with a fire in the engine compartment of a vehicle in the driveway. The fire was under control in 6 minutes. 




02/11/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Engine 5, Engine 17(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Car 99, Battalion 1, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 130 Alameda St for a reported house fire. Truck 2 was on location with smoke from the second floor of a 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. Engine 10 further reported a working fire on the second floor and requested an extra company. Truck 10 and Engine 3 responded as extra units. Command requested a second alarm, bringing Engine 13 and Engine 16. The fire was under control in 21 minutes and the Red Cross is assisting. During this incident, another fire was reported at 30 Melrose St on the city's southwest side. The combination of the 2 fires required several city companies to relocate, and fill in companies from county fire departments, including Brighton and Gates. For audio on the Alameda St fire, click here. For audio on the Melrose St fire, click here. 




02/08/11  As an update to the Dewey and Ridgeway 2010 company response totals, The Rochester Fire Department as a whole, responded to 31701 incidents in 2010. That is an increase of 691 from 2009's total of 31010. Keep in mind, responses are different than incidents. 1 incident can be made up of several responses. Each company assigned to an incident is a "response." IE: The fire listed below on Rainier St, is 1 incident with 9 responses.





02/05/11  Engine 10, Truck 2, Engine 5, Engine 3(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Car 99, Battalion 2, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 3 Rainier St for flames scene from an electrical outlet and smoke in the kitchen. Engine 10 was on location with nothing showing from a 2 story dwelling and people waiting out front. Engine 10 further reported a partition fire, they were stretching a line, and requested a restricted alarm. Engine 5 took command until Battalion 2's arrival.  The fire was under control in 17 minutes.




02/04/11  Engine 5, Engine 3, Truck 2, Engine 10, Engine 17(R.I.C.), Rescue 11, Car 99, Battalion 3, The Deputy Chief and Protectives responded to 1171 Lyell Av for a reported house fire. Engine 5 was on location with smoke and flames from the first floor of a 2 1/2 story dwelling. Battalion 3 requested a second truck company, bringing Truck 4. The fire was under control in 21 minutes. Truck 4 was released from the scene to fill in at Truck 5's quarters, due to other companies still being at the scene of another fire at 14 Sawyer St. Engine 12 also filled in at Engine 17's quarters. Rescue 11, Car 99, The Deputy Chief and Protectives all responded from the Sawyer St incident, to Lyell Av.




02/03/11  Engine 10 responded to 575 Lake Av for a reported MVA with injuries. They were on location reporting multiple patients and requested another company to assist. Engine 5 and Battalion 2 responded. Battalion 2 declared a "MCI" (Mass Casualty Incident) and asked for a restricted alarm. A total of 6 patients, 1 in serious condition, were treated. 1 member of Engine 10 assisted crews on board an ambulance en route to Strong Hospital. For audio, click here.




02/03/11  Both the Engine 10, and Truck 2 "Today" pages have been updated with 2010 response totals. Engine 10 had 1948 responses, down 199 from 2147 in 2009. Truck 2 had 1758 responses, up 293 from 1465 in 2009. In 2010, Engine 10 and Truck 2 effectively "switched" districts under the RFD's restructuring program, bringing about the changes in volumes for each company. The over all 2010 responses for the Dewey and Ridgeway firehouse where 3706, up 94 from 2009's 3612.

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