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About the Fire Dept.

We ask that you watch this video to better understand the fire department in general. "Smoke Showing" is a short film that visually demonstrates the dangers and challenges faced by firefighters during a structural fire. This film will serve to educate recruit firefighters, elected officials and the public in fire operations. "Smoke Showing" demonstrates the need for an aggressive interior attack coupled with adequate resources in order to save lives and reduce property loss. The film is opened by the cast of "Rescue Me." It is dedicated to the proud service of Tom F. Brennan. We hope you enjoy the film.

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The power of fire demands specially designed equipment. Firefighters must always clean and maintain this equipment. At a moment notice this equipment must be ready to go to work. Click on the photo to learn about this equipment.


No one can work by themselves to combat a fire or rescue someone. It takes every firefighter working together as a team to accomplish the goal at hand. Click on the photo above, to learn about work each team member’s role.  

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