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About Us

The Firehouse is located at the south west corner of Dewey Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue. This five bay firehouse was built in 1982 to house Engine 10, Engine 20, Truck 8, and Battalion 2, though a chief never ended up being assigned here.











The first in district for Engine 10 runs from Ridgeway Ave south, to the northern part of the Edgerton Neighborhood. Engine 10 is one of three companies in the city that carry a Hurst tool (Jaws of Life) among other automobile rescue extrication equipment. Engine 1 & Rescue 11 are the other two. For Jaws of Life (Hurst tool) incidents, Engine 10 responds to route 104 and the North West quadrant of the city. Engine 10 frequently responds to Kodak Park under the Monroe County Mutual Aid agreement to assist the Kodak Fire Department.  Engine 10 is assigned a 2009 KME rescue pumper with a 1250 gpm Hale pump, 500-gallon booster tank, and a 30-gallon foam tank. Engine 10's old logo was based on the Harley-Davidson logo meaning "Hell on Wheels."











Truck Company 2's first in district runs from Ridgeway Ave. north, to the southern border of Charlotte.  Truck 2 is one of four companies in the city that are rope rescue companies. Truck 3, Truck 6 and Rescue 11 are the other three. Truck 2 responds with a 2017 Rosenbauer Quint. The aerial is 100 feet tall (which is about 8 stories) and the apparatus has a 1500 gpm Hale pump with 300-gallon water tank.  Truck 2’s (formerly Quint and Midi 2) old logo was a Rhino bursting through a black Maltese cross and their saying "The Wrecking Crew."  







Once Midi 2 was decommissioned, Truck 2 needed to create a new logo. At the same time, Engine 10 was working a new logo.  The two companies collaborated to work on a new firehouse logo.  After several months of many committee meetings, and many different designs, the members of both companies whittled it down to two designs. Both companies voted on a logo. This is the design that was decided on.  The logo represents elements of both companies, and the neighborhood.   


















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